A complaint to the JCIO must be made within 3 months of the matter complained of. For example if the matter you wish to complain about occurred on 10 April 20XX your complaint must reach the JCIO by 9 July 20XX. If your complaint falls outside the 3 month time limit you may be asked to provide reasons for the delay in making your complaint.

A complaint to the JCIO must be made in writing. In setting your complaint you need to provide:

• the name of the judicial office holder you wish to complain about;
• the date of the incident you are complaining about and where it took place (i.e. name of the court or provide your court case number, where applicable);
• detail about the nature of your complaint (i.e. what the judge said or did to make you think their actions amount to misconduct); and
• your name and contact details

We may not be able to accept a complaint for consideration if the above details are not provided. For further information about the level of detail to include see the ‘What do we need from you’ page on this site.
You can send your complaint to us by

• post to the Judicial Conduct and Investigations Office 81 – 82 Queens Building, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand London, WC2A 2LL
• E Mail to inbox@judicialconduct.gov.uk