You must provide the following (your complaint will not be accepted if you do not provide these details):

It will also assist us if you can provide the following:

The examples below show some statements that do not provide enough information for us to investigate. Opposite each example is a similar statement which goes on to explain the sort of supporting information we would require to investigate your complaint.

Please note – the statements below are to illustrate the level of detail required. They should not be considered as definitive examples of the type of behaviour which could amount to personal misconduct by a judicial office holder

We also cannot accept generalised complaints or complaints based on supposition, e.g. “I think the judge is a racist because he dismissed my case” or “I think the judge was rude because he said he didn’t believe my evidence”.

We can only accept complaints which contain a specific allegation of behaviour that, if true, could result in a finding of misconduct.

Provides information that we can investigate

  • I felt that the judge was rude towards me because? (provide details of exactly what the judge said or did / the language used / actions or behaviour)
  • It appeared as if the judge had fallen asleep during the hearing (provide details of supporting evidence such as eyes closed / snoring / did not respond to questions)

Not enough information for us to investigate

  • The judge was rude towards me.
  • The judge was hostile towards me throughout the hearing.
  • The judge fell asleep during the hearing.