You can complain to the JCIO about the personal conduct of courts judiciary and coroners in England & Wales.

Complaints about tribunal judges must be made to the relevant chamber president. Complaints about magistrates must be made to the local advisory committee. The JCIO does not respond to, or redirect, such complaints.

We can investigate

  • Deputy District Judge
  • District Judge
  • Master
  • Recorder
  • Coroner / Assistant Coroner
  • Circuit Judge
  • High Court Judge
  • Lord Justice

We cannot investigate

  • Magistrate - contact the Local Advisory Committee
  • Tribunal Judge - contact the relevant Tribunal President
  • Member of Court Staff - contact the local Court Manager
  • Solicitor - contact the Solicitors Regulation Authority / Legal Ombudsman
  • Barrister - contact the Bar Standards Board / Legal Ombudsman