6 April 2017 – His Honour Judge Richard Mansell QC

The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office has rejected all complaints received in relation to His Honour Judge Mansell QC’s sentencing of Mr Mustafa Bashir. The complaints all related to Judge Mansell’s judicial decision and case management and therefore do not constitute conduct within the remit of the judicial discipline process established by Parliament.

10 January 2017 – Her Honour Judge Patricia Lynch QC

The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office has concluded its investigation into the conduct of Her Honour Judge Patricia Lynch QC – following complaints she used inappropriate language in court. The Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice considered the matter and decided it did not amount to misconduct.

7 July 2016 – Publication of 2015-2016 Annual Report

The report issued today covers the performance of the JCIO during the year 2015-2016. A copy of the full report can be found on our reports and publications page.
A total of 2,609 complaints against judicial office holders were received last year (1 April 2015 – 31 March 2016). Of the 2,609 complaints received, 1,862 (71%) related to judicial decision or case management and therefore could not be considered under the rules. 16 judicial office holders were removed from office last year compare to 32 who were removed in 2014-2015. Of these, 15 were magistrates, 1 was a tribunal judge.

The reasons for removal were:
• Criminal/ other court proceedings – 1 removal
• Not fulfilling their judicial duties – 8 removals
• Inappropriate behaviour or comments – 5 removals
• Motoring related offences- 2 removals

In addition, 9 judicial office holders received a reprimand and a further 18 received formal advice or a warning. There were 9 resignations during the course of disciplinary proceedings.

Judith Anckorn, Head of JCIO said:
“During the period covered by this report there were approximately 3,200 members of the full and part-time judiciary, approximately 19.300 magistrates and 5,600 tribunal members. In total, 43 cases resulted in formal disciplinary action, 32 less than the previous reporting year. Disciplinary sanctions were issued to less than 0.1% of judicial office holders.”